Site speed influences Google search ranking

A few months ago, Matt Cutts (who is part of the Search Quality at Google Inc.) wrote in his blog that page download speed will affect the ranking of the page in Google search results (this criteria is part of the 200 signals Google uses to rank pages). It seems natural to think that the faster the pages are to be downloaded the more they are attractive since users don’t have to wait for ages to see the content. But in terms of search quality, it is not that obvious that quality of the website, or at least quality of the content is directly related to the time to get the page

However the idea beyond, is by setting up such a policy, more and more webmasters will be considering this aspect when building websites in the future and this is likely to be a major change since for several years designers were putting large JavaScript files (think about JQuery), large pictures, lots of CSS, adds, widgets, so lots and lots of external resources that aim to make better the user experience when visiting the web site. But it’s the contrary, you have to spend more and more time to wait for the display. You can argue that high speed networks are also developing in parallel but slower than the deployment of huge resources on web sites.
I am still surprised when I discover pages which are more than 1Mo. Just make the calculation : download speed = 50ko/s (in average) –> 20 sec to get the full page displayed, is it acceptable for you? especially if there is nothing interesting in ? I don’t think so…

In order to improve user experience over the Internet, Google is therefore promoting fast websites, but fast doesn’t necessarily mean light! You may have some quite rich interfaces within fast web pages, everything is a matter of compromises and optimization tips :
- reduce size of your images
– use asynchronous downloads
– improve the cache management
– minify CSS/HTML/JavaScript

– …

Give it a try and you will see some majors changes : in user experience first, then naturally in Google ranking !

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