Hello World – Do you speak Java ?

Hey guys,

for a while we have been thinking about creating such a blog for us to share some good practices for Java/J2EE, to propose tutorials and also to provide you with the latest updates of Java-Hoster and our Java/J2EE hosting offers.

Now it’s time to say “go for it”. This blog will be dedicated to news regarding Java development, tips & tricks about what Java developers could face, hosting technologies and of course what is going on at Java-Hoster’s.


About Matthieu

Hello, I joined Java-Hoster in 2009. After my engineering studies in France, I worked for several companies including some well known Natixis , Airbus and Air France . Now I am more focused and involved on Java open-source projects and of course in Java-Hoster which makes me learn a lot and feed me as well :-D I am also responsible for this blog, so if you have something to say about it feel free to contact me. Cheers.
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